Ferrari has just published an extensive document outlining the future technologies that are set to appear in both its road-going and F1 race cars. It’s part of an official presentation that’s going down in Maranello today, where the eco-friendly FXX Millechili concept car has just been announced.

As always the main pursuit of Ferrari’s engineers is performance, but efficiency is quickly becoming a new driver for innovation within the Prancing Horse label. Some of the elements that will be affecting future Ferrari designs include drag-force reduction, weight reduction, and more fuel-efficient engines, biofuel capable models and even hybrid-electric cars.

Some of the new technologies we’ll see implemented range from more use of carbon-fiber, low-rolling resistance tires, wind-tunnel simulations for road cars, hydraulic and electric actuators replacing mechanical parts, smaller electronic components and more effective underbody diffusers.

In the long-term, Ferrari is looking towards hybrid options to improve the efficiency and performance of its cars. Engineers are now studying the use of electric motors attached to the gearbox as seen in this diagram of the F430’s transmission.