Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] will be attempting to make a new world record for the fastest hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle when it takes its Fusion Hydrogen 999 fuel cell car to the Bonneville Salt Flats next month. The car – a collaboratively engineered racer with Ballard, Roush and Ohio State University – is powered by a 770hp electric motor with the electric energy provided by hydrogen fuel cells.

Behind the wheel will be Ford retiree and veteran Bonneville racer Rick Byrnes. A second fuel cell-powered racer that will compete in the unlimited class category is the Buckeye Bullet 2, which was developed by the same Ohio State University student group and several Ford Researchers.

The team hopes to better their 2004 unlimited land speed record for an electric vehicle that was achieved by the Buckeye Bullet, which still stands at 315mph. Ford is keen to show that electric doesn’t have to mean low performance, but we’re still at odds as to why they chose the Fusion.