With tighter emissions and fuel economy standards planned for both the US and Europe, most of the major carmakers are being forced to rethink and in most cased redesign their powertrain portfolios. One of the leaders in the new green initiative is Audi, which has announced that it will unveil the world’s cleanest diesel engine and undercut upcoming Euro 5 emissions standards several years in advance.

The first of the new ultra-clean diesels will be a 3.0L V6 that will debut in the next A4 and Q7 SUV. The new engine will develop 233hp and a might 500Nm of torque, and features the latest in piezoelectric injection, an efficient exhaust recirculation system for the turbo, and sensors positioned in the engine which regulate the combustion process more precisely for improved efficiency.

The next prong of attack will be the addition of more ‘e’ models, cars that increase efficiency by reducing friction, adding taller gear ratios, advanced aerodynamics, and undergoing weight saving programs. The final initiative will be the addition of full hybrid systems as well as brake energy regeneration technology.