According to latest reports, execs at Volvo are trying to ensure the carmaker goes into Swedish hands should there be a split from Ford’s Premier Auto Group. So far, Ford has denied that Volvo is up for sale but reports have emerged claiming there are several potential suitors eyeing Volvo including BMW and Cerberus Capital Management.

A Volvo insider has told Dagens Industri that management would like to see Volvo bought out by a Swedish consortium of investors, which has already gathered 54% of the estimated value of Volvo. The remaining funds would be raised through the Stockholm stock market, while Ford would retain a 10-15% holding.

No matter who buys Volvo in the end, Ford must hold on to a small stake for at least the next decade because of the high level of integration between its own models and the Volvo cars. Both carmakers share technical know-how as well as safety and electronic components.