The first MG cars manufactured under the ownership of Nanjing Auto will go on sale in China next month starting at a price of £11,500 (US$23,000). The first model will be the new MG7, which will be officially launched through 50 dealers across the country next month. The lineup includes three different 1.8L versions with varying specifications and a 2.5L LWB range-topper.

Nanjing has already received 3,200 firm orders for the car following a cross-country promotion back in July. Most who saw the car did not recognize the brand but one official told Reuters that after people test-drove it “they liked it.”

Following next month’s launch of MG sales in China, Nanjing officials will ready the brand’s European re-launch that’s penned in for the end of the year.

Nanjing’s main rival SAIC has already been selling the almost identical Roewe 750 but the MGs are priced significantly cheaper than the Roewe. Surprisingly, both Nanjing and SAIC are in talks over a possible merger to help the Chinese brands compete better with established international rivals.