Despite the number of accidents occurring because a driver nodded off behind the wheel, carmakers are yet to install systems that could detect tiredness or other distractions. There are several aftermarket safety kits available but now Volvo has launched what it claims to be the world’s first OEM drive monitoring system.

Labeled Driver Alert Control (DAC), the new system monitors the car rather than the actual driver, looking at the vehicle’s movements and assessing whether it’s being driven in a controlled, consistent manner. In this way, DAC can also detect other distractions such as mobile phone use or from passengers in the car. It works by using a windscreen-mounted camera and a number of motion-detecting sensors.

Volvo is also launching a new lane departure warning system. Both systems will be available as options on the new V70, XC70 and S80 models at the end of the year, and will be on display at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Our reliance on automotive technology to improve our driving skills is simply going to increase in the years to come. What happened to decent driver education?