The Chinese built Smart Fortwo replica, Shuanghuan’s Noble minicar, will go on sale in Europe despite threats of legal action from Mercedes-Benz. Officials from Mercedes have threatened the European importer of the Chinese vehicles, Martin Motors, who says the cars will still go on sale as scheduled following a possible launch at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is still awaiting EU safety and emission approval.

The CEO of Martin Motors Guido Martinelli told reporters from Automotive News Europe that Mercedes’ legal team had already sent a letter of complaint to the car’s German importer, China Automobiles Deutschland. “After a preliminary hearing between our lawyers and those from our German distributor, we see no evidence in Mercedes claims. We plan to show the Noble at the IAA in Frankfurt,” he said.

Mercedes is not the only company threatening Martin Motors because of the cloned car. Even the organizer of the Frankfurt Show has warned that it may have to take action if the suspect car infringed intellectual property rights.

As for Shuanghuan’s BMW X5 clone, the CEO SUV, Martinelli revealed that BMW hasn’t contacted it or the German importer and the car will continuing being sold in Europe as planned.