Nissan plans to launch several new models in South Korea for the first time, only the second Japanese carmaker attempting to penetrate the Korean market after Honda established itself there in 2004. Nissan’s high-end Infiniti models already sell in South Korea, but this time the carmaker plans to sell several new Nissan-branded models such as the Murano SUV, the medium-sized Altima sedan, the Cube compact car, and two other as yet unnamed vehicles.

Nissan won’t be opening up shop until the middle of next year by which time it’s thought Toyota will have also established a new sales network in the lucrative market. A Nissan Korea spokesman told the Chosun newspaper, “the market for popular import cars is growing in Korea. For example, Honda is selling on average 300 units of its popular CR-V SUV a month.”

Toyota, meanwhile, plans to launch the Camry sedan in South Korea and may follow it up with the Corolla depending on how successful sales are.