Volkswagen’s decision to move its U.S. operations from Detroit to Washington is only the first step in a possible major overhaul of the German giant’s endeavor to crack the lucrative North American market and fulfill its desire to become a true rival to Toyota.

One avenue currently being considered is restarting production in the States. The strong Euro already makes it beneficial for VW to move production outside of Germany, and a statement from VW America’s CEO Stefan Jacoby confirms the possibility. Jacoby revealed the move would be "to reduce dependence on exchange rates,” but wasn’t willing to give further comment. The weak U.S. dollar has already caused BMW to change its production plans and have more SUV-based products built in its Spartanburg plant.

Another goal is to develop products specifically for America, reposition the brand and rejuvenate its dealer network, reports Automotive News. From 1978 to 1998, VW operated a production site in Pennsylvania but there’s no word on where any new site could be located.