In his first major public speech Chrysler’s new Chairman and CEO Bob Nardelli confirmed there were no plans to drop any brands but warned some products may be cut. Speaking at a press event Nardelli commented, “Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep are all very, very valuable brands. I think we have to look very hard at some of the product within those brands." He also revealed it will take Chrysler roughly three years to turn around its finances.

Nardelli concluded the speech by reflecting on the carmaker’s string of recent executive poaches, with industry bigwigs such as Toyota’s Jim Press and more recently GM’s China chief Phil Murtaugh announcing their respective moves to the Auburn Hills based company, reports Bloomberg.

Phil Murtaugh, who previously headed GM’s operations with Chinese automaker SAIC, will be working in international sales for Chrysler, more specifically its Asian operations.