In a similar move to Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen is to offer a hybrid option on its entire future lineup including both mild and full hybrid systems. In addition to its hybrid onslaught, VW also plans to expand its range of ultra-efficient BlueMotion diesels and could one day have it as an option for its full lineup as well. There’s even talk of an all-electric vehicle based on the recently revealed up! minicar concept.

The news comes from VW’s product development Chief Ulrich Hackenberg, who spoke recently with Automobilwoche. According to Hackenberg, VW’s new rear-engine small car will enter production in 2011 and will be offered "in both a full and mild hybrid."

As for the BlueMotion range, Hackenberg revealed the next car to get the clean-diesel treatment will be the upcoming Tiguan SUV (pictured) and possibly the Eos convertible. It doesn’t end there. Hackenberg also revealed there will be "further innovative fuel consumption measures” within the next few years.