Following in the footsteps of Volvo, Mercedes-Benz has released a new option for its S and CL-Class models to aid drivers when changing lanes. Dubbed 'Blind Spot Assist', the system employs six radar sensors in the front and rear of the car to detect anything that could cause a potential accident during a lane change. This includes monitoring the commonly missed blind spot, which is not normally viewable by drivers.

When a vehicle is detected, a red warning symbol is displayed in the exterior mirror glass to inform the driver that it may be dangerous to change lanes. If the driver then pursues to switch on the indicators, the red light will start to flash and the driver will be alerted by a warning sound.

This system only adds to the growing list of Mercedes-Benz radar-based safety systems available, such as the PRE-SAFE crash anticipation system, the DISTRONIC PLUS proximity detecting cruise control and the Brake Assist PLUS emergency braking assistance.