A1GP is considered by many as the poor cousin to Formula One but this could change with news that F1 constructors’ champion Ferrari may supply engines for the series over the next three years and could also design some of the cars. Ferrari is yet to confirm the reports but released a statement claiming it was in talks with A1 organizers and is yet to sign anything.

The first race of the season is scheduled to start in the Netherlands this weekend, however, the Ferrari deal isn’t expected to start until January next year at the earliest, reports Auto Motor und Sport.

The future of A1 could also see the introduction of ethanol blended fuels as part of the motorsport’s commitment to switch to 30% bio-ethanol fuel. The cleaner fuel was meant to be used at this weekend’s race but engineers remain unconvinced the fuel blend will continue to give the required engine performance over a sustained period and thus its introduction has been delayed.

A1GP has since reverted to its regular race 102 octane fuel while further development and testing work continues to help spur the introduction of biofuels as soon as possible.