Volkswagen suffers from a reputation for charging premium prices for both its cars and servicing when its true rivals, mainstream makes like Toyota, Ford or Chevy, offer similar products and services for significantly less money. Officials are hoping to change this by introducing a new price matching campaign to ensure customers are never charged more than what they would by going to a rival.

The promise will cover charging for the service, maintenance and repair of a vehicle at all participating VW dealers and it only covers quotes for the same job from an independent garage within a five mile radius. The only condition is that the independent outlet also uses genuine VW parts. VW will be introducing the offer in the UK and there’s no word which other markets will get it next.

Research has shown that perception of price is the main reason customers cite for not having their cars serviced within a franchised network, something VW hopes to change. Price matching has been used by other industry for years and we hope other carmakers will follow suit and introduce a similar system for their dealers.