F1's governing body has opened a new investigation into McLaren, amid claims that the Woking based team may have sabotaged Fernando Alonso's car in China, reports on Tuesday said. At the conclusion of the espionage saga last month, FIA president Max Mosley warned that the Paris body would closely monitor McLaren for signs of retribution against the Spaniard's involvement in providing evidence that ultimately cost the team $100 million and exclusion from the constructors' world championship.

The Spanish newspaper La Nueva Espana claims that Alonso's tyres were extremely over-inflated due to being heated too much prior to the 'Q3' section of qualifying in Shanghai.

"I think they are still investigating," the 26-year-old had told reporters on Sunday, 24 hours after the incident that left him baffled and six tenths slower than his teammate, championship rival and pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso added: "I think the tyre pressures were quite high, more than normal, but I don't know if it was that or another explanation."

La Nueva Espana said the FIA is now investigating the claim.

Meanwhile, it was reported by Italian media that Fernando Alonso on Tuesday travelled to the Modena magistrates office near Ferrari's headquarters to be interviewed as part of the criminal probe into McLaren for allegedly spying.

Ron Dennis and fellow team chiefs were at the Italian grand prix last month served with 'avviso di garanzias' -- formal warnings that they may be charged for sporting fraud, espionage and embezzlement. (GMM)