An ultra low-cost minicar Nissan is developing for emerging markets could eventually be sold in the U.S. according to people close to the project in India. The new car will cost about $2,500 when it goes on sale in India around 2010 and if CEO Carlos Ghosn has his way it will be launched in global markets soon after.

“The big question is: Can you have this car outside of India?” Ghosn explained to reporters at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show. Some of the other countries Nissan is considering include the U.S.,Canada, Europe and Japan, Automotive News reports.

To get the cost of the car that low Nissan is contemplating outsourcing production to Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Auto., who Ghosn will be meeting with early next week.

Any car exported to Western markets will require additional crash protection reinforcements and other safety features but Ghosn assured that you could still have a reinforced car for around $3,000.

Pictured above is the Japanese domestic market Nissan Cube, a car whose next-gen version will be sold in the U.S. to rival Toyota’s Scion xB.