Mercedes-Benz will be equipping European and U.S. delivered C-class models early next year with its Universal Media Interface (UMI), designed for connecting mobile entertainment and communication devices such as a cell phone or MP3 music player. Inside the glovebox of cars equipped with the UMI are a USB port, SD card-reader and integrated navigation system.

To activate the various multimedia functions, all the driver has to do is press the ‘AUX’ button on the car radio. The rotary controller on the centre console can then be used to navigate the onscreen menus and select the required functions.

Once connected with the mobile devices, the driver can then use the system to scroll through a MP3 player’s song list or use it to answer and hang up calls from their mobile phone.

The UMI can also be retrofitted into some older Mercedes models, reports TRG, and you can bet it will soon filter across to more cars within the lineup in coming years.