As Porsche ramps up for a takeover of Volkswagen Group, engineers at both companies are analyzing and discussing new areas of cooperation between the two firms with most of the focus centered on the use of new super-light technology. Porsche developing the technology for its upcoming Panamera and now both VW and Audi are considering using it for their own models.

"The Panamera's super-light concept also has raised eyebrows among our colleagues in Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt," Porsche Chief Designer Wolfgang Dürheimer told Automotive News Europe.

Most had expected two synergies to flow the other way. That is, Porsche was expected to gain from VW Group's vast parts bin and R&D facilities. Instead, Porsche and VW will "increasingly work together in appropriate areas such as development to cut costs for all partners," says Dürheimer.

The two sides have already jointly developed new hybrid transmission technology, which Porsche says it will eventually use in the Carrera, Boxster and Cayman as well as the Cayenne. Also in the pipeline is the introduction of double-clutch transmissions.