The ZR-1 has been spotted in near-production trim turning hot laps at Laguna Seca. Power figures have been public knowledge for months. But the monster under the bulging hood has so far stayed hidden - until now.

The photos include up-close and personal shots of the intercooler, which is of the air-to-water variety, and the supercharger/intercooler stack, as well as the engine itself.

It seems the guys at Jalopnik caught a tip that led to some surprisingly high-resolution shots of the upcoming LS-9 supercharged mill that will power the ZR-1. The twin-screw supercharger is expected to pump 650hp out of the 6.2L V8, making the ZR-1 the most powerful Corvette yet. The Dodge Viper SRT10 cranks out 600hp, so the ZR-1 will definitely have company at the top of the American food chain, but the whole performance-per-dollar war just got ratcheted up another step.