Audi’s RS models have always remained extremely exclusive, traditionally being launched towards the end of the lifecycle of the cars on which they’re based. That’s all set to change with news from Quattro GmbH boss Werner Frowein that future RS models will be released within two years after the launch of their donor models and production numbers will also be increased.

There will be other additional high-performance models, as well, such as a V12 powered diesel Q7. Other models include the upcoming TT-RS and a new V10 powered R8-RS. Before these arrive, we’ll see the launch of the sedan version of the RS6 plus the all-new RS5.

Frowein also revealed that production numbers for Audi’s RS models will be increasing. In 2007, the number of performance vehicles coming out of the Quattro GmbH included 5,300 RS4s and 4,000 R8s. Next year there will be 5,500 R8s, 5,000 RS6s and an additional 1,000 RS4s.