Update: The R8-RS won’t be fitted with the RS6’s twin-turbo units because of heating problems, which caused several prototypes to catch on fire during testing. According to Quattro GmbH director Werner Frowein, the car will instead run a naturally aspirated V10 engine with around 500hp.

Original: Audi will use next month’s Detroit Auto Show to unveil a slew of new performance models including a new concept car based on the R8 super-sports car. We suspect it will either be the new convertible Spyder model or possibly a V10 powered ‘RS’ variant. What’s worrying is that the standard 420hp R8 is already a formidable opponent to most of its rivals as well as a few models from the supercar arena, so just imagine what it could do with the new RS6’s 580hp powerplant.

As for the production version, apart from the new engine, the R8-RS gets larger air intakes on

its flanks. The trademark side blades will be sculpted to form the larger opening, while pumped rear guards emphasize the larger ten-cylinder powerplant.

The new R8-RS will eventually be joined by a convertible version, likely to be called the R8 Spyder. It’s expected to feature a removable targa-style roof rather than a complicated and space-consuming folding hardtop or fabric roof.

Finally, Audi is also rumored to unveil the new RS version of the TT coupe at Detroit. According to info leaked from a reputable source at Audi, the new car will actually be powered by a 2.3L VR5 engine with a turbocharger. Final output will be 308hp (230kW), and the car won’t be called the TT-RS but simply TT-R.