About two years ago a Texas-based custom car manufacturer by the name of Unique Performance was found to be guilty of ‘title washing’ their cars, which eventually saw the owners of the operation arrested and charged and the business shutdown. Unfortunately for the scores of customers around the country, some of which had paid up to $250,000, the scandal meant none of the cars could be completed and most of the customers were left high and dry.

The big ticket item built by Unique Performance was a replica version of the Shelby GT500 Eleanor Ford Mustang, which the company was licensed to build due a deal it had with Carroll Shelby Licensing. However, instead of using legitimate Mustang donor cars, Unique Performance was salvaging old wrecks by retitling them in another state, restoring them, and then selling them to unknowing customers.

Some of those original customers who still want the car may finally get their chance as Carroll Shelby Licensing has granted a license to two other Texan companies to complete the orders sent to Unique Performance. Kustom Classics of Fort Worth and Riley Performance Motorcars of Valley View, Texas, will build the cars, with each getting an official serial number from Shelby along with inclusion into the Shelby Worldwide Registry.

While the offer is being made royalty free, customers will still be required to pay for the completion of the cars. Importantly, no new orders can be made under this agreement.