Rumors of an SUV model from the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari are rife but according to top officials there’s no chance of it seeing production anytime soon.

The rumors concerning such a model from the traditional performance brands arose because of the success Porsche has had with its Cayenne.

During a recent interview, Ferrari general manager Amedeo Felisa said there were no plans for an SUV or crossover, reports This matches earlier comments from rival manufacturer Lamborghini, who’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann said there were no considerations for an SUV model either.

Ferrari has, however, experimented with AWD systems for the F430 but those plans have also been dropped because of the extra 80kg such a system will add to the car’s kerb weight. According to Felisa, a RWD model achieves the same performance as the AWD versions on a dry track.

As for rumors of the entry-level Dino, Felisa reminds us that Ferrari has already denied speculation of the Dino in an earlier press release. There will “absolutely” be no six-cylinder model, he claimed.