As if the massive V8s from GM were short of power to start with, Aussie-based Walkinshaw Performance is making a Stage 2 supercharger that’ll pump an LS2 V8 up to 566hp (422kW) and 727Nm (537lb-ft) of torque. The kit is also available for the 6.0L L98 V8. Either one will run you somewhere around US$14,000 installed - but a lighter wallet will just improve acceleration times, right?

The big Aussie blower features Eaton internals, a custom Walkinshaw Performance inlet manifold and drive system, high-flow fuel injectors and can be outfitted with an air-to-water intercooler as an option. The entire package is enclosed in a special housing by Walkinshaw. The kit was developed by Harrop Engineering, Walkinshaw’s technology partner. A one year/20,000km (12,000mi) warranty is standard as well.

Maximum power of the standard kit comes at 9.5 to 10psi boost, although Walkinshaw is willing to discuss even more performance on a case-by-case basis at any of its Australian or international offices.


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