This past week saw the launch of PF1, a new company based in the UK planning to sell and maintain old F1 cars for personal track use. Partnering with engine technology specialists Cosworth, PF1 has acquired several late-model Jordans, Jaguars and Super Aguri race cars and will be offering potential customers training by, Marc Hynes, a man who’s list of students has included Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton.

“In a nutshell the idea is that we’re going to bring to the wealthy but not necessarily super-rich motorsport enthusiast the opportunity to own and run a late-model F1 car, without any of the associated problems,” PF1 founder Paul Osborn told ITV Sport.

The cars all feature V10 engines, which are larger, more powerful and more tractable than the 2.4L V8 engines of the current crop of F1 racers, and they’re fitted with custom Avon tires that are said to be more forgiving than actual F1-spec rubber.

Cost of entry is £300,000 ($605,000) plus a £2,500 ($5,050) Club PF1 membership fee, which will allow owners to run their cars at four events per year at actual F1 circuits.