Global warming has become quite an issue of late with carmakers constantly looking at new ways to reduce emissions. Toyota has shown hybrid technology to be of great use in this area and has achieved plenty of success with their Prius. Honda is hoping to share in this success with the addition of two new hybrids to their lineup within two years, as announced by president Takeo Fukui.

Already producing the Civic Hybrid, Honda expects that with the addition of two more hybrids, such vehicles will account for roughly 10 percent of global sales. Honda will be calling one of the two new cars a ‘Global Hybrid’. It will debut in 2009 and feature a new integrated motor assist system. This car will be aimed at a lower-priced segment than the Civic and Honda hopes to sell 200,000 units a year. As for the other car, as reported earlier by us, it will be based on the CR-Z concept shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.