A1GP is the latest motorsport series to be swept by the ‘green’ craze, with the announcement today that next weekend’s calendar event in Taupo, New Zealand, will see the field of 22 cars switch to a 30% biofuel mix. This makes it the first truly global motorsport series to race using biofuel, and is hopefully a sign of things to come for other motorsport events.

The fuel the cars will be using is an ethanol based product called Hiperflo E30, and is sourced from sugar beet in Europe and produced specifically for A1GP with the help of engine manufacturer Zytek. It not only reduces particulate matter compared with regular fuels but it also cuts CO2 emissions by up to 21%.

The A1GP series was actually meant to switch to the cleaner fuel at the start of the season but its introduction was delayed to ensure vehicle performance wasn’t affected by the change. We’re glad to see A1GP has made an effort to be greener while maintaining the performance of its race cars, something other motorsport bodies should take note of.