Now that AMG is no longer focused on chasing big horsepower numbers, efficiency could quickly become the new performance benchmark for the Affalterbach-based tuner. Audi has laid the groundwork for the acceptance of diesel powertrains in performance circles with its stunning V12 TDI Concept and R10 race cars, now Mercedes-Benz tuner AMG is considering adding diesel models to its arsenal.

Last year, rumors surfaced claiming AMG may launch a Bluetec diesel SUV but since then nothing really has eventuated on that front. Those rumors came about following comments from AMG exec Volker Mornhinweg, stating “in the near future AMG has the opportunity for both hybrids and diesels.”

Now, AutoExpress is reporting that AMG is close to releasing a new diesel fueled car. AMG will be launching five facelifted models over the next 12 months and any one of these could potentially feature a high output diesel powertrain. Some of the cars due to for an update include the new SL, CLS and M-Class, the latter being the most likely candidate for a diesel.