The days when driving beyond a posted speed limit is impossible could soon be upon us with news coming out this weekend that Canada is trialling a new anti-speeding device that can automatically slow down a vehicle against a driver’s will. The new device uses a GPS locater, and a speed map and can override the car's manual controls.

"The technology has the ability of just saying, 'OK the posted speed limit is 50, so we'll let you go 55, that's it,' " Transport Canada researcher Paul Boase told the Edmonton Journal. Ten volunteers have already tried the device, which for testing purposes was fixed so drivers found the gas pedal difficult (though not impossible) to press if they were over the limit.

Boase would like to see chronic speeders forced to use the device, stating that it could potentially come with every new vehicle but that its first application would likely be for habitual speeders. "What you basically find is for drivers who need it the most, they like them the least," Boase explained. "That's why habitual offenders might be the right place to start."

Via: Winding Road