Volvo has always been regarded as a leader in automotive safety technology and with new features such as the latest CitySafe system, a device that can detect other vehicles and automatically apply the brakes if it predicts a collision could occur, the carmaker is only set to improve upon that image. The new CitySafe debuted on the recently revealed XC60 crossover, but it will eventually filter across the carmaker’s entire lineup and could one day feature on some Ford models as well.

The information comes from Volvo’s senior vice president and head of marketing and sales Gerry Keaney, who explained that it would be surprising if other models, including ones from Ford, didn’t get the technology. “All safety innovations will be landed with Volvo, and premium brands are generally the innovators while over a period of time these filter down into mass volume models. It would be a surprise if such things did not feature on Ford vehicles one day,” Keaney told reporters from Automotive News Europe.

The new CitySafe system uses radar technology with a wide-angle search area to detect objects in front of and around the car, and can automatically apply the brakes if it predicts an accident will occur. Before the system allows a computer to take control, it will alert the driver using a warning signal and sound.

The first car the system will appear on is the new XC60 crossover, which debuted just last week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Volvo XC60 Crossover