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When you think of Neiman Marcus catalog cars, brands like BMW and Lexus usually spring to mind. The latest seller to grace the catalog’s pages, however, wears a humble Dodge badge. Neiman Marcus is in fact selling a Hennessey-tuned Dodge Viper Venom in its spring Men's Catalog for the cool sum of $179,500.

For the money you get a 700hp V10 American muscle car churning out a healthy 645ft-lb of torque, and is capable of accelerating to 60mph in just 3.3 seconds and reaching a top speed in excess of 200mph. The Neiman Marcus edition is based on the Hennessey Venom 650R, which usually costs $14,500 on top of the price of a stock Dodge Viper, but it gets unique black and red leather trim, embroidered floormats and a custom luggage kit.

The car also gets a new rear spoiler and signing on the dotted line will entitle owners to a day of high-performance driving school at the Lonestar Motorsports Park. The car officially goes on sale on April 10th and only seven models have been created.