Lamborghini shocked the automotive world last year when it unveiled the limited edition Reventon but the imposing supercar's debut could have easily been overshadowed by an even more outrageous Murcielago-based model being prepped by an Italian coachbuilder. Designers from Magvisio were planning to launch a new rebodied Murcielago LP640 in a limited production run of just ten units but the project has since been shelved due to a lack of interest.

Their car was the Lamborghini Ferruccio, a performance machine that’s claimed to be faster than anything wearing a Lamborghini badge. The project was being run independently to Lamborghini but was still considered a scheme ‘with interest’ by officials at Sant'Agata.

The Ferruccio was meant to feature the same 6.5L V12 engine as the LP640 but its body was to draw a number of lines from the previous Countach model and even include some influences from the Muira.

Speaking with CAR, lead designer Pule Magau said only three orders were received for the Ferruccio and none included a firm deposit. The car was expected to cost more than $1.5million and there were to be five coupes and five Spyder convertibles with delivery pegged for September of this year. Designers are now working on reducing the cost of the car in the hope that it may help boost interest and eventually lead to production.

Lamborghini Reventon