A new system has been developed that measures driver inputs and determines if they are 'aggressive' or not. The system, developed by US company GreenRoad Technologies, works by measuring g-forces acting on a car and compares them to pre-determined 'safe' driving limits. The software in the system can recognize around 120 driver actions and can determine whether they are aggressive or safe. If an action is deemed too aggressive for the system than a red light flashes to warn the driver.

The technology uses a g-force meter to recognize 'jerky' driving, including hard accelerating, sharp turns and hard braking. A profile can then be built up that tells fleet managers which of their cars are driven by 'aggressive' or 'safe' people.

GreenRoad is marketing the technology to parents that want to monitor their teenager's driving behaviour, as well as companies with large fleets and the military.

According to GreenRoad, their system has met with success in fleets and the figures show that the technology creates a 54% reduction in crashes and an 83% reduction in crash costs - but at a cost of the privacy of the motorist.