Audi could be producing more A1 minicars than previously predicted as the carmaker bolsters output ahead of its 2015 sales deadline. You may recall Audi has set itself an ambitious target of building more than 1.5 million vehicles by the middle of the next decade, and to help reach that goal production volumes at most of the carmaker’s plants will be increased over the coming years.

A spokesperson from the company has revealed Audi's Brussels plant is considering boosting production for the upcoming A1 minicar from current projected levels of 100,000 units to more than 120,000 units next year.

However, employees at the plant have been complaining about increased work pressure and the effect that increasing production will have on them. Since the beginning of the year, staff have already built 1,200 more cars than were planned, reports Auto Motor und Sport. The workers have been lobbying for less volume but this would mean a drop in production and profit for Audi. The Belgian workers were also supposedly unhappy with their bonuses, claiming that they only get €1,100 while their German counterparts get up to €5,300.

Trade disputes aside, the Audi A1 is shaping up to become a force in the premium-minicar segment thanks to a recent boom because of rising fuel prices and environmental concerns.

Heavily influenced by the Audi Metroproject concept car, the A1 is being built by Audi as a direct response to new premium mini-cars being brought out. The competitors on this stage include Mercedes' Smart brand, the Volkswagen Up!, and even a new BMW minicar currently being developed.

The baby Audi will likely feature a series of low capacity TSI and TDI units ranging from 1.4 to 2.0L, and a new mild hybrid model could also be offered. You can read more details about the upcoming minicar in our previous story by clicking here.

2011 Audi A1 rendering