Porsche has consistently claimed London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s argument that his new congestion charge will help reduce CO2 levels in the UK capital is based on false information and now the carmaker has some substantial evidence. A report from King’s College never publicly released by Transport for London (TfL), and only discovered after Porsche filed its judicial review, reveals Livingstone’s new emissions-related congestion charge is estimated by TfL’s own consultants to increase CO2 in Greater London by 182,000 tons.

This not only contradicts the Mayor’s claims that his charge will reduce CO2, but also directly contradicts claims made previously by Transport for London.

In a report prepared for TfL by King’s College, the original research group used to assess the effects of the c-charge, researchers discovered the charge would likely create a “very high disbenefit” not only for CO2 but also for NOx, NO2 and PM10, all crucial air quality components.

The report indicates the increase is largely caused by increased car mileage outside of the congestion charging zone as a result of the new charge. These findings directly contradict both Mayor Livingstone’s and TfL’s claims.

This is the second discovery of false information used by Livingstone to back his new c-charge. Previously Livingstone referenced an independent poll back in December when he claimed the public were in support of the new charges. However, according to the results of the study most Londoners were against the introduction.