The summit that will determine the future of embattled FIA president Max Mosley will be held on June 3, the governing body confirmed on Wednesday. The FIA said last week that the meeting, to involve the full membership of the body, would take place in Paris to discuss "the widespread publicity following an apparently illegal invasion of (Mosley's) privacy".

"The General Assembly will include a vote of confidence by secret ballot," the new statement reveals.

Mosley has vowed to sue the British tabloid News of the World for the expose about his recent exploits with five prostitutes, and the five day court hearing is expected to take place in July, reports said.

It emerged on Wednesday that he has lost the first round of the legal battle in the London High Court, as he sought an injunction so that the 90-second edit of the orgy video is permanently removed from the newspaper's website.

Mosley's lawyers argued that the video, viewed nearly 1.5 million times in the two days it was active on the website, was "intrusive and demeaning".

But Mr Justice David Eady ruled that suppressing the video featuring Mosley, who was not in court, would be "futile" because of the existing huge publicity surrounding the story.

"The film will be placed back on the News of the World website forthwith," the publication confirmed in a statement.