Ever since a string of fatal rollovers during the 1990s, the Ford Explorer SUV has had a stigma of being dangerous despite the reason behind the accidents – poorly designed Firestone tires – being resolved. A California judge has now approved the settlement for a class-action case that will compensate roughly 800,000 Ford Explorer owners who claim their vehicles had lost value because of the original controversy. The decision also brings an end to the lawsuit filed against Ford in the states of California, Connecticut, Illinois and Texas.

The lawsuit argued that Explorer SUVs lost about $1,000 in resale because of a perceived rollover danger. Under the settlement, owners who bought their Explorers between 1991 and 2001 are entitled to a $500 coupon towards purchasing a brand new explorer or a $300 coupon to buy any other Ford, Mercury or Lincoln product.

Explorer owners are unhappy with the decision claiming few of them will be able to take advantage of the coupons due to poor economic conditions and high fuel prices. The total bill for Ford is expected to top $50 million but of this lawyers are expected to walk away with more than $25 million, reports the Associated Press.

The class action lawsuit is separate from the numerous death and personal-injury lawsuits involving the Ford Explorer that continue to be argued in North American courts.