Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama has slammed pleas from opponent Hillary Clinton to grant a summer holiday from federal fuel taxes. Obama defended his position, stating that America's dependence on foreign oil was the product of a greedy domestic auto industry and reducing the tax will continue the downward spiral of the American economy.

Throughout his campaign, Obama has faulted Detroit carmakers for trying to maximize profits without looking to the future, citing that the Detroit 3 were eager to take advantage of SUV sales without doing enough to research or promote fuel-efficient technologies - technologies which are currently benefiting the Japanese manufacturers greatly, while the U.S. auto industry struggles.

While Senator McCain and Senator Clinton are both in favor of a gas tax break - McCain is proposing payment of the tax at government expense, while Clinton is pushing for oil companies to fund the shortfall – Obama has dismissed the idea, saying it would save very little money for motorists, reports The Detroit News.

While Obama was not hesitant in pointing out the lack of foresight of the auto industry, Clinton has taken a more diplomatic approach in the hopes of not offending the auto industry and its significant workforce. The common theme between both Clinton and Obama is their stated commitment to much more stringent federal fuel-efficiency standards. Whether Obama's take-no-prisoners policy or Clinton's more soft-hearted approach appeals to you, at the end of the day their goals remain similar.