Last month we reported that Ford was likely to add a new pickup model positioned below the top-selling F150 but based around the same mechanicals. New reports claim there will be at least two new small pickups, one based on the F-150, as previously reported, as well as a new model to replace the current Ranger (pictured).

The truck based on the F-150 is currently in development and is codenamed the ‘P525’. It’s rumored to revive the F-100 badge when it goes on sale in 2010 and will only be available with either a four-cylinder engine or Ford’s upcoming EcoBoost V6 turbo.

The Ranger replacement, codenamed T6, is being developed by Ford Australia and was originally intended only for world markets other than the U.S., reports MotorTrend. However, though not confirmed for sale in North America, Ford is seriously considering bringing the vehicle Stateside.

The F-150 is also due for an update and its engine line-up is expected to receive a boost in the form of the new EcoBoost engine in 2010. Whichever direction the new pickups take, they represent Ford’s desire to regain lost footholds in the U.S. by following customer demand - whether or not the new pickup range will satisfy these demands remains to be seen.