The fallout of Max Mosley's survival as FIA president has begun, with Europe's largest automobile club vowing to now boycott the Paris based governing body. After a clear majority of FIA affiliates voted to keep the scandal-gripped Briton as president on Tuesday, Germany's Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC) announced in a statement they would boycott the FIA in protest.

The club said it viewed the outcome of the vote "with regret and incredulity".

"This is a reason for Europe's largest automobile club to let its functions and co-operation in FIA working groups rest at world level," the statement read.

"ADAC will stay with its decision as long as Max Mosley holds the top FIA office as president."

The representative of America's automobile association (AAA), Robert Darbelnet, said the club was considering joining ACAC in the protest.

He told reporters in Paris that the result was a "disappointing day for the FIA".

"I will give it very serious consideration whether or not to remain effectively engaged in an organisation that condones this type of activity," Darbelnet added.