Rising fuel prices and greater concerns for the environment have seen sales of large SUVs and pickups fall sharply in the U.S., with even the country’s long-time sales champion, the Ford F-150 pickup, fall to fifth place below the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Camry, and the Honda Accord in the month of May. In fact, sales of the F-150 dropped 30.6% compared with the same period one year ago and this has led Ford to offer new incentives on the vehicle in June despite the company’s previous claims it wouldn’t subsidize any trucks.

Ford will be offering incentives across the entire F-series range of trucks this June to help reduce inventories ahead of the release of an all-new model later this year. According to Automotive News, Ford will offer ‘employee pricing’ deals on the F-150, F-250 and F-350 pickups between June 3 and June 30.

There haven’t been any similar announcements for Ford’s SUV lineup, despite vehicles like the Expedition and Explorer seeing a 40% decline in sales. Ford maintains that sales of new crossover models like the upcoming Flex will help absorb declining sales of its full-size SUVs.