The U.S. auto industry may be going through its worst slump in decades but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good opportunity for investors. That’s the belief of Michael Dell, CEO of the Dell computer company, who together with former Sonic Automotive President Jeffrey Rachor plans to buy up a number of car dealerships around the country to sell premium and import brands.

Dell’s new deal with Rachor will be investing a combined $500 million in their new joint-venture, reports Automotive News, but the 43-year old entrepreneur is confident there is opportunity throughout the segment.

"When people are panicking and don't really know what to do, that's probably the period of greatest opportunity from an investor's standpoint to make changes and do good things," Dell explained during a Detroit Economic Club meeting today.

Dell even hinted that his computer technology could eventually filter across to cars, revealing that there had been discussions with a number of carmakers.