Billing itself as the world's first Clean Emissions Grand Prix, the TTxGP will be held at the historic cradle of motor racing, the Isle of Man TT circuit. Consisting of a single 37.7mi (60.7km) lap of the course, the TTxGP will kick off June 2009 with a range of two- and three-wheeled low-emissions vehicles. Plans for an international series are also in the works.

The fossil fuel-free race is being coordinated by Azhar Hussain, the TTxGP's founder. Unlike traditional 'green' racing, which has taken low-speed endurance trials as the goal, the TTxGP will be all about speed, reports Gizmag. Hussain hopes the focus on fast, clean racing will draw more public attention than other low-emissions events have in the past.

“The focus in clean emission events has to date been endurance – what captures the public's imagination is speed and we’re the first to do that,” he said. “It’s the fastest around the course once and the winner goes down in history.”

Vehicles for the event must themselves be emissions free - that is, they must not emit anything toxic - but how that energy is generated or stored is not included in the rules. In other words, a lithium-ion battery-powered racer could be charged with electricity from a coal-fired electric power plant and still meet the zero-emissions requirements.

The event's organizers are currently seeking more sponsors, but already several teams have signed up to participate. There will be three classes of vehicles, including a Pro Class, designed for MotoGP and Formula 1 style vehicles. The Open Class will be a budget-capped grouping, and only off-the-shelf components may be used, while the Free Class will be an exhibition race with no official prize winnings except a run at the official Isle of Man TT course during the race weekend.


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