Luxury laptop designer 'Ego' has teamed up with Bentley to come up with a Bentley-themed laptop planned for sale. The laptop is in a similar shape to other Ego designed laptops, but the handle is said to be modeled on the Bentley's chunky door handle. The leather upholstery in the car is transferred to the garish quilted exterior of the laptop and the entire package is topped off with a single Bentley logo on the case.

The Bentley-Ego laptop runs Microsoft Vista with a 64-bit processor, and under the hood there is a 160GB hard drive for storage. Boasting similar technology to other laptops, Bentley and Ego are hoping to cash in on the brand's cachet to sell the laptop, which will set you back a cool £10,000 (USD$20,000). The laptop will be launched at the British Motor Show today.

The Bentley laptop comes in the wake of many other car-themed notebooks. The original, and likely most notable of these were the Acer-Ferrari collaborations, and the Asus-Lamborghini tie-ups that had many critics cringing at the questionable designs. While Ferrari and Lamborghini may have set the ball rolling, there has since been a spate of car-themed notebooks, including ones from Maybach, Hummer and Koenigsegg all vying for car enthusiast's attention - none of which have yet to achieve the same success as Ferrari and Acer did.

Luxury car makers aren't the only ones making themed laptops, however, with NEC releasing a Nissan X-Trail based laptop last year for the Japanese market - although for some reason it didn't quite make it to the States.

Via: T3