Danish audio-video masters Bang & Olufsen have announced today their partnership with Mercedes' AMG performance division. They join Audi and Aston Martin as the company's primary automotive partners.

The primary focus of the agreement will be for in-car entertainment systems, both audio and video-based. One of the systems the sound company makes for Audi is a $6,000 option that features motorized tweeters that recess into the dashboard when the system isn't in use.

Bang & Olufsen, while highly regarded for their skilfull recreation of accurate sound, isn't widely regarded as a leader in the high-tech electronics field. Its first, belated attempt at an MP3 player was panned by the critical press and generally regarded as a failure.

Nevertheless, it has been learning in its partnership with Audi and Aston Martin, and hopes to apply those lessons to its work with AMG.