The production Chevrolet Volt is still a few weeks away from its first official reveal but images of the car have surfaced thanks to filming on the set of the Transformers 2 movie, which it is set to appear in. The 'Volt' name can clearly be seen at the rear of the car as well as on the side-mirror, while the rest of the images reveal a number of different angles for the upcoming plug-in hybrid.

The details are still fuzzy, since it's a long-distance and low-resolution video, but the general shape of the car is clear. A fortuitously timed leak of some grainy interior shots appearing on the Motive Magazine forums have reportedly revealed what the interior of the car will look like as well. Though these are far from the high-resolution press shots that will accompany the Volt's debut, the long-administered teaser process for the car appears to have come apart at the seams.

A second video of the car was also captured by a reader of the Transformers Live Action Blog (seen below), showing it clearly in motion and under its own power, though whether the car is fitted with the final drivetrain, a test mule apparatus or a stand-in conventional engine is unclear. Though the suspense as to the car’s final looks may be over, at least in general terms, there remains much to be revealed at its official unveiling, rumored to be at GM’s centenary celebrations on September 16.

2010 Chevrolet Volt Transformers 2 spy shots

2010 Chevrolet Volt interior spy shots