Vehicle Testing

  • Aston Martin DBX prototype winter testing

    The production version of the Aston Martin DBX is likely a year or so away, but testing continues to ensure the British brand's luxury SUV is a world beater. Last Thursday, Aston Martin shared a video and photos from the DBX's first extreme winter test session. The brand took the DBX prototype to Pirelli's facility close to the Arctic Circle in Sweden to give the SUV a crash course in a wild snowy environment. There, the SUV met icy roads, snowy trails, and harsh temperatures. All of the testing is done to ensure the DBX is up to the task, even if an owner may never actually take the SUV out...

  • Audi RS 5
    Audi RS models test for almost 5,000 miles on the Nürburgring

    All Audi vehicles offer luxury, but the brand has a three-tiered approach when it comes to performance. Base Audis, especially sedans and coupes, are fairly sporty, but the uplevel S models definitely amp up the sporty feel. There is a third level, though, the RS models, that push the envelope...

  • Porsche most grueling functionality test video
    Porsche counts down its top 5 most grueling functionality tests

    Every automaker does its best to ensure the its vehicles are up to snuff for their intended purposes. That includes Porsche, which has been beating its products up for decades at the Weissach Development Center. To cap off the first season of Porsche’s “Top 5” countdowns on...

  • Lucid Air snow testing
    Lucid Air gets sideways during snow testing

    Lucid, the startup that plans to release the 1,000-horsepower Air electric sedan, appears to be serious about getting its car into production. We recently saw it prowling the San Francisco streets, and now Lucid has released a video of the car undergoing snow testing. That's not unusual for any...

  • Department of Transportation vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) program
    Connected Vehicle Tests To Begin In Official NHTSA Trials

    Over the last few months the race to develop connected vehicles that "talk" to each other as they're driven along has picked up the pace, with several technology companies and carmakers developing systems to make our roads safer. Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is...

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