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  • Daimler in-car gaming development competition

    We don't know when or if self-driving cars will take over the roadways, but it's inevitable they'll change the way we spend time in the car. Mercedes-Benz's parent company, Daimler, recognizes that massive changes are afoot and has launched a competition called the In-Car Gaming Challenge to develop video games for the ride. "In-car gaming," as the automaker calls it, is something Daimler believes will take off in the future and it wants the public to help envision future games. Applications are open to gamers, developers, and even students. Submissions can come from individuals or teams of...

  • 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S, Valencia, Spain, January 2019
    Carbon-ceramic brakes best for track use? Think again, says Porsche

    Carbon-ceramic brake rotors are known to offer superior braking performance under the right circumstances, but when it comes to longevity, conventional steel rotors are the better option, says a Porsche employee.

  • Corn-based lacquer with self-healing property
    Corn is the magic ingrediant for self-healing lacquer

    A German firm has developed a protective clear coat for your paint that is able to mend small scratches with the application of just heat.

  • Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 steering wheel, 2019
    Here's what every button on an F1 steering wheel does

    Glancing at a modern Formula 1 race car's steering wheel reveals a very complex contraption, and it's just as in-depth of a wheel as it suggests. Mercedes-AMG, the reigning F1 champion, recently published a video with driver Valtteri Bottas to give fans a closer look at what action each button...

  • Left to right: Volkswagen ID, ID Buzz and ID Crozz concepts
    Volkswagen looks to develop European batteries for EVs

    Last week Volkswagen Group announced plans to double-down on building electric cars with 20 new models and an additional 7 million cars over five years. So far it's said that the battery cells for its MEB vehicles will come from four different global suppliers: CATL, LG Chem, Samsung, and SK...

  • Teaser for Porsche Taycan debuting in September 2019
    Porsche to only use dedicated EV platforms for electric models

    Porsche is open to turning every model it sells into an EV, bar the 911, which CEO Oliver Blume said last fall would never be a pure electric car. But any EV that Porsche launches won't be offered with an alternative powertrain utilizing an internal-combustion engine, Blume told Auto Express during...

  • Volvo in-car camera system

    The new in-car camera system will watch drivers' eyes to help prevent distracted or drunk driving by slowing, or even stopping, the car if necessary.

  • Mercedes-AMG video explaining 2019's Formula 1 design rules
    Mercedes-AMG explains why F1's 2019 design rules should mean closer racing

    Teams competing in the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship over the course of the past month have revealed their race cars for the new season, and in the lead up to this weekend's season-opening Australian Grand Prix Mercedes-AMG has dropped a video to explain some of the new design rules aimed at...

  • Golden Sahara II
    Glowing Goodyear tires unveiled beneath restored Golden Sahara II custom

    In the video clip above, you see James “Jim Streets” Skonzake use a remote control to drive the Golden Sahara II custom car onto the stage of the "I’ve Got a Secret" television show. Streets bought the car from George Barris and took it on a national tour that included an...

  • How do you rebuild a carburetor?
    How do you rebuild a carburetor? Like this

    There's heartache and joy that come with owning, and caring for, an older vehicle. It's helpful if you can sort out a number of problems on your own, it will save you cash and trips to your local mechanic. One of the more seemingly puzzling aspects of old-car ownership occurs when you drive a...

  • Goodyear Aero tire concept for flying cars
    Goodyear creates concept tires that can act as propellers for flying cars

    If the future does, in fact, include flying cars as a new sort of transportation method, it's best to have equipment that can handle both roads and flight. Goodyear is aiming to solve this problem with a new concept tire it debuted at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show this week. It's called...

  • Hyundai phone-as-key technology
    Hyundai's latest app turns a smartphone into your car key

    Future Hyundai cars won't require a key at all. The automaker has announced a new digital key that turns an owner's smartphone into a key to lock/unlock the car and start it. It does more than those basic functions and basically preps Hyundai cars for the future of car sharing. The digital key can...

  • Toyota 2JZ engine teardown

    The 2JZ inline-6 engine from Toyota is a legendary powerplant within the automotive community, but why? A new video dives into the engine's internals and explains what makes it so ideal to make big power on stock internals. The video comes from Papadakis Racing and the engine is basically the engine that came in the previous Toyota Supra. It's actually from a Toyota Aristo, what the U.S. knows as the Lexus GS, and features variable camshaft timing on the intake. The majority of the video basically shows the process used to tear the entire engine down, but in the process, we can see what makes...

  • Wheel alignment explanation
    Here's why your car needs an alignment

    Car owners are told to get oil changes, rotate their tires, and top off fluids, but we often don't hear as much about alignments. However, that doesn't mean they're not an important part of vehicle maintenance. A video from Learn Engineering aims to explain why we should be mindful of alignments...

  • 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera aero
    Learn how the 2020 Porsche 911's adaptive aero keeps things slippery

    Having a machine that weighs a few thousands pounds act like a brick in the wind is hardly ideal for performance and efficiency. That's why Porsche has worked to ensure the 992-generation 911 cuts through the wind as best as possible, which the automaker has explained in a new video. Viewers start...

  • BMW and Mercedes-Benz self-driving car concepts
    BMW Group and Daimler partner on self-driving cars

    BMW Group and Daimler will partner on self-driving cars, the two automakers announced Thursday. The announcement follows last week's briefing on a 50:50 joint-venture company BMW and Daimler have set up to oversee all of their various mobility services under the one roof. In the area of...

  • Why the McLaren 600LT has a top-mount exhaust
    Learn why McLaren uses a top-mount exhaust for the 600LT

    McLaren's top-mount exhaust pipes on the 600LT certainly look cool, but there are actually multiple reasons why the British marque opted for the design. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained had the opportunity to speak with the 600LT's chief engineer, and he answered numerous questions about the...

  • 2019 Mazda 3  -  first drive  -  Los Angeles, January 2019
    Why Mazda is purging touchscreens from its vehicles

    Tablet-like touchscreens have become the ubiquitous interfaces of choice, and they’re seemingly everywhere in daily life, on everything from thermostats to coffee makers and refrigerators. But Mazda really doesn’t think they belong in cars—or at least anywhere near the...

  • Audi traffic light recognition

    The average American driver spends 300 hours a year driving, and Audi hopes its latest piece of technology helps reduce that figure. The luxury brand announced Tuesday its new Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA), a funny name for an impressive technology that aims to help drivers hit every green light, all the time. GLOSA builds upon Audi's Traffic Light Information (TLI) system, which is one of the industry's first dips into vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology. The new technology uses traffic signal information and relays the data to the Audi vehicle. The system calculates...

  • Color night vision taken at midnight
    Color night vision technology could revolutionize how we see in the dark

    When we think of night vision, our minds automatically turn to grainy black and green images. Today, things have begun to change, and color night vision is slowly creeping into the mainstream. The Drive reported on two technologies in early January that absolutely revolutionize how humans can see...

  • Driving a manual transmission tutorial
    How to drive a manual transmission? Take 5 minutes to find out

    For those who've only ever driven an automatic, a manual transmission can be intimidating. Team O'Neil Rally School can help. The school has a video that will teach the basics to those who've never driven with a third pedal. We're talking the completely uninitiated. It starts with knowing the extra...

  • Inside a Formula 1 car transmission
    Find out how an F1 car's gearbox works

    For those who dream of tearing apart race cars, but may not ever have the chance, we have the video for you. YouTuber Driver61 published a video last week that shows the teardown process of a Formula 1 car's gearbox, and what's inside to make the race car tick. Specifically, this is a transmission...

  • 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S, Valencia, Spain, January 2019
    What to expect in a Porsche 911 hybrid

    The idea of a hybrid seems anathema to the spirit of the Porsche 911 at first blush. A hybrid aimed at fuel economy betrays the 911’s sports car mission, and adding motors and batteries to increase power would increase weight, which is a sports car’s natural enemy. Then again, one of...

  • Mercedes Me store in Mercedes-Benz MBUX system
    Mercedes-Benz wants to sell optional features after a new vehicle purchase

    The buying process won't be over for Mercedes-Benz owners after they take their new car home. The luxury brand has introduced a new feature via its Mercedes Me application that allows owners to purchase optional features after the car has left the dealer. The brand announced last Tuesday that...

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