Steering Wheels

  • TRW's folding steering wheel concept

    Automotive design is set to undergo a radical transformation in the near future. Electrification and vehicle-to-vehicle technology are probably the first game-changers that come to mind, but there are others, too -- namely, America's aging population of Baby Boomers and the increasing number of people who live in crowded urban environments. Last week, Ford announced some low-tech improvements to aid elderly drivers, like using bolder fonts throughout its interiors. But TRW Automotive is thinking bigger (or rather, smaller) with a new design for a retracting steering wheel that could help...

  • Touchscreen steering wheel. Photo: Discovery News
    Pinch, Trace And Touch... The Steering Wheel Of The Future

    If you love a steering wheel festooned with handy buttons, and even if you don't, this might be the steering wheel for you. Engineers at the University of Stuttgart in Germany have been hard at work on a new prototype steering wheel that takes interaction with your car to a new level. You may think...

  • Ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel
    Ferrari 458 Italia’s Complex Controls Explained: Video

    With the introduction of its 458 Italia supercar, Ferrari made a significant design change where most of the driver’s controls were clustered on or around the steering wheel. This is akin to Formula 1, where a myriad of controls located on the steering wheel control nearly all of the...

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