• Volkswagen MOIA electric ride-pooling van

    The Volkswagen Group has lagged behind in the mobility segment, but the automaker jumped in with both feet in 2016 with the launch of the MOIA mobility unit, which last December rolled out an electric ride-sharing concept. But VW doesn't want MOIA to just provide ride-sharing and carpooling opportunities for private drivers; rather, the automaker wants a slice of the potentially lucrative self-driving taxi pie. MOIA will begin with an Uber-style ride-sharing service, but Bloomberg reported Tuesday that self-driving cars are at the center of the project. With self-driving cars, MOIA will be...

  • VW MOIA ride-sharing concept car
    Report: Apple to use VW vans for first self-driving service

    Apple and the Volkswagen Group have reportedly forged a deal that will see VW's Transporter van, the modern version of the iconic Microbus, used by Apple for its first self-driving service. The news was reported on Wednesday by The New York Times which cited people familiar with the project. The...

  • VW MOIA ride-sharing concept car
    Volkswagen reveals MOIA ride-sharing electric van concept

    The Volkswagen Group doesn't simply want to electrify its portfolio of brands and cars for personal ownership, it also wants to provide sustainable transportation in other ways. Its first step? Ridesharing. This week, the automaker's newly minted MOIA mobility unit revealed its first vehicle...

  • MOIA logo
    Volkswagen Group launches mobility unit MOIA, plans Uber rival

    The Volkswagen Group has formed a new unit tasked with the development of new mobility solutions. The unit is called MOIA, a name that's meant to signify independent mobility for all. The VW Group rightfully sees the automotive landscape undergoing rapid change. Alongside the traditional business...

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